Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stroller Decisions

Hello all! So here is what we are trying to decide on. The Uppababy Vista OR the Bob. Both are beautiful and very functional.


This is the Bentley of jogging strollers. It is super easy to maneuver, has a carseat adapter (for extra $), and has a large storage underneath for your things. I don't like that it doesn't come with a cupholder. But you can buy them separately. I can also walk a lot with baby girl, even jog if I want to. We saw Bob's everywhere in our town and anyone we talk to who has one raves about it. They all say they wouldn't get any other stroller after having the Bob


My favorite thing about this stroller? The bassinet. I would just love to push baby girl around in a vintage looking bassinet stroller. Only problem is you can only use the bassinet up until 3-5 months old. Another thing I love about this stroller is that the seat comes off and you can use it with the carseat like a SnapnGo. Which I think are very functional but oh so ugly. So basically I would love this stroller for baby girl but the features I like about it are to be used only while she is an infant. I'm sure its a great stroller even after the infant stage, but I would prefer the Bob for the older months/years. 

Oh decisions, decisions! 

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