Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bath Time

Ok, I realize no one really thinks someone else's dogs are that cute but ours are! We went to the park again tonight to let the dogs get out some of their energy and both got slobbered on by a Rottweiler that was very sweet but kind of obsessed with them. Anyways, they both majorly needed baths when we got home. I had to document it because I think they are too cute for words.

Zoey hates her baths so much, she shakes the whole time. So when she gets out, YES, I wrap her up like a baby and we sit together quietly in the dark in the second bedroom while she gets dried and calms down. There is a chance she might be a little spoiled. The picture above is Zoey right after her "being held" time while Oakley was getting his bath.

Oakley also hates getting his baths. When we call him into the bathroom and he gets picked up to be put in the tub, his eyes get HUGE like he is so scared. Lol I really need to get a picture one day because its so darn funny.

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