Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Favorite Things

There are definitely some items that I have fallen in love with during this pregnancy! Things I can't won't live without now. Here's my list...

1. My blanket. My friend Becky made this quit for me last year and I.Love.It. It's so comfy and warm and the best part is that its homemade with love! :) I've been using it during my daily naps and won't use anything else. Isn't she so talented??? (Not only is she talented in sewing, but she is an amazing photographer!! You can see her work on her blog Check it out)

2. Hot water bottle. This just makes nap/couch time so much better.

3. Doppler. This is my freak-out moment lifesaver! Any time I have doubts, I get out the doppler and listen to the sweet sound of baby!

4. Rubber Bands. These little babies come in handy for holding my non-maternity pants up while unbuttoned. It is way too tight to button my jeans up so I've been using the rubber band trick and it works like a charm :)

5. Pinterest. I've been finding so many cute nursery ideas through pinterest! I love them all. It's going to be really hard to find just the right one. This is one cute is that?!

6. iPhone. Since I have been super duper lazy lately, I don't really feel like getting up to go to the computer. My phone has been very handy to check Facebook, emails, and my pregnancy apps.

7. This is where I get a lot of my pregnancy questions answered BUT the best part is the August 2012 community forum. It's the site where all women who are due that month can go to support one another/ ask questions, etc. It is truly fantastic because all of these women are so hormonal, all from different walks of life, and boy do they all have their own opinions on things! Sometimes I log on to ask/answer a question, but I mostly go on for entertainment. The drama is awesome.

So that's all I can think of for now! We have an appointment with our midwife tomorrow so you can expect an update. Have a great night everyone!!

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  1. So Rachel and I were chatting at our Memorial Day cookout yesterday, and she was filling me in on your blog posts. (I am SO subscribing to your blog to get the updates!) Anyway, I'm catching up on your wonderful journey and I came across this sweet post. I love that you love your quilt! :)

    Can't wait to SEE YOU in a few weeks!!