Friday, March 2, 2012

14 Weeks!

Please ignore my face, lol its a terrible picture!

Total weight gain/loss: 7 lbs
Maternity clothes? Nope but Tony's cousin Kim just gave me a TON! 
Sleep: Still getting up to pee a lot
Best moment this week: My hubby and I laughing UNcontrollably at the doctor's office over a sex flyer. Also very embarrassing :)
Movement? Tiny little pokes from inside. It has to be the baby right?!
Food cravings: Sushi, deli sandwiches, McDonald's chicken sandwich
Gender prediction: GIRL
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss: Sushi and deli meat 
What I am looking forward to: Gender confirmation 3D ultrasound next friday!
Milestones: Making it to second trimester 
Things I've been experiencing this week: Sleepy but I've had a bad horrific cold/flu all week
Showing? Eh, mostly bloat but I think it looks bigger now cuz my uterus is starting to push my bloat up. The bump's getting harder
Size of baby: Lemon, 3.4 inches!

Today marks 14 weeks of my pregnancy! We just got back from an appointment with our midwife, who was AWESOME btw. She reassured us there is nothing to be concerned about with the 2-vessel cord and no special precautions need to be taken at this point. YAY. She also did a quick ultrasound (and by quick I mean only like 30 seconds) just long enough to see and hear the heartbeat. Baby was turned upside down with her back to us so we could really only see her head and her arm. Haha, her hand was laying on her forehead like she was saying "oh no not this again." It was very cute.
So according to, baby is this size this week...

A pregnancy app I have says this week the baby can now squint, frown, grimace, and pee. Her kidneys are now producing urine and letting it out into the amniotic fluid. Her liver starts producing bile and the spleen starts helping make red blood cells. She also has her very own fingerprints! All very exciting stuff for her mama :)

So after the appointment today, my mom met us at Target and got the baby some outfits! 

And last week after finding out it's probably a girl, Tony's mom got us this adorable little outfit

And here are my sweet peas

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