Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prenatal Yoga

 This was me tonight - minus the red hair and air lift. I did my first prenatal yoga class tonight and it was quite wonderful! It was only me, another preggo, and the instructor. The other lady was 36 weeks pregnant, so I had the tiniest most ridiculous little bump compared to hers. Lol oh well, mine will get there. Anyways both were so much fun and we joked about the joys of pregnancy. I think it was relaxing for Little Bean and me so I'm going to make it at least a weekly ritual. They have the class at night Mon-Wed so there are lots of available times. When I got out of the class tonight the smell of pizza was in the air so that's what we will have as soon as Tony gets out of his class. OH YUM.

In other news, we have our 3D gender confirmation ultrasound this Friday and I'm so excited to finally find out the gender for sure! Hopefully Bean won't have her legs crossed...

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