Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Growth Ultrasound

Hello all! We had our ultrasound this morning to make sure baby girl is growing on track because they need to watch out for growth restriction with a two-vessel cord baby. We are happy to report she is right on track! Two days ahead actually and weighing in around 4lbs 9oz! I just fall in love with her more and more every time we get to see her. She has the funniest and cutest personality already. (Not that I'm biased being her mom or anything :) She is still head down and had her little foot up by her head and was trying to grab it. It was quite adorable, even the tech said so. Her head has some peach fuzz on the front and back. She was being a little mischievous though when the tech was trying to get a good video of her heart, moving around too much so it took the lady about 6 tries before she got it. Fluid level looked good. Cervix still long with Kenadie's head pressed against it. We didn't get very many pictures but here is the best one. It's a profile view with her arm up in front of her face. See her cute little nose and lips?

Tony took this video of my belly when while we were waiting for the ultrasound tech to come back in. Kenadie was going a little crazy!

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  1. Kenadie!!! :)
    It's crazy how much you can see her moving! What an active little girl!