Monday, July 16, 2012

33 Weeks/Another L&D Visit

How far along: 33 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: Up 40 lbs! Yowza 
Maternity clothes? YES 
Sleep: Good this week. My naps are wonderful too 
Best moment this week: Spending time with some of our favorite people, Shea and Becky! 
Movement? Yep lots of alien-looking movements in my belly. Hiccups 3 times yesterday! 
Food cravings: Water 
Gender prediction: GIRL
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss: Deli meat, eggs benedict, and a philly roll STILL 
What I am looking forward to: Seeing how our maternity photos turned out :) 
Milestones: Everyday I'm pregnant is a milestone!
Things I've been experiencing this week: Sleepyness, headaches, slightly swollen feet, crazy carpal tunnel in my hands 
Showing? Yes, but I still don't feel like I'm big enough. I see some women who look gigantic and I'm wondering if I will ever look like that. Lol although today I went to the salon for a little eyebrow maintenance and the lady said "You're due any day now?" I said not until the end of next month. She replied "No, this month. Baby already dropped." Haha
Size of baby: Size of a durian (I have NO idea what this is). At the growth ultrasound last week, she was measuring 4lb 9oz. They gain about 1/2 lb a week so maybe she's up to 5 lbs now??? 
What Baby is up to: She's keeping her eyes open while she's awake, coordinating breathing with sucking and swallowing, bones are hardening still, and going through more brain development. 

We had our appointment with the midwife this morning. We saw a different midwife since our regular one is on vacation. This one was awesome too! Tony and I were talking about how amazing the Kaiser midwives are and how we are so grateful they are taking care of our pregnancy. Anyways, she did another quick ultrasound to see if baby was still head down. She is! :) We got to see her taking practice breaths, which are adorable. The midwife said that's a really good sign of a healthy baby! Yay! She said they also wanted us to start regular non-stress tests to make sure baby is doing well (because of my blood pressure issues) so we have the first one tomorrow. It's always nice to hear she is doing exactly what she is supposed to. 

Ok now, the story of our latest L&D trip...on Saturday morning we were getting ready for our breastfeeding class when I took my morning blood pressure. It was a little high 149/87, which is borderline but not at the point where I need to call. But while I was in the shower I had a little bit of flashing light on the right side of my vision so I took my BP again and it was 131/97. My parameters to call are over 150/90 so I called and the nurse said to rest for 15 minutes then do a repeat check and call back. Well 15 min later it was 141/98 so they wanted me to come in (and miss our class!) boooo. The first check they did was 168/106 and they set it to check every 10 minutes. They started an IV and drew some blood. We had a really awesome nurse who got a good vein the first stick. YEAH! But IV in the wrist kind of sucks. It feels like its sticking into your bone. Anyways, my BP  slowly went down over the next hour until it was back in normal range. It was normal for about another hour then the doctor wanted to try an experiment to see if it went back up super high with activity. I took a walk literally to the nurse's chair and back, a total of 20 seconds maybe, and when I got back to bed it was 176/95. So that's when they decided to start me on oral Labetalol which is a very common blood pressure med. They wanted me to take the first dose at the hospital to see how my body reacted. I did fine and my BP returned to normal. So now I have to take it twice daily at home and rest as much as possible. I'm not on official bedrest, thank goodness, but they said no doing dishes or grocery shopping, stay off my feet as much as possible etc. That's about the whole story! It's now just a wait and see, but so far so good. 

Some pictures from the week...
Tony relaxing in the pool. He is the best. :-D 

Free slurpees on 7/11! 

Zoey and Oakley with their best friends Phoebe and Juno, who are visiting from Florida. Aren't they adorable together?? 

Ok...I know you must be wondering what the heck I'm doing here. I'm putting my hands in ice water because of the carpal tunnel! Believe it or not, it feels so good to do this! I forget what we were laughing at in the first picture... :) 


Tony's family had a dinner on Friday to celebrate some birthdays and baby girl on the way. We are holding up his aunt's famous "kitchen cordials." She makes a bunch of homemade liquor and this was the apple flavored one. I'm not sure why I'm holding was Tony's drink I promise! :) 

From today's photo shoot. Love those Stockmans! 

We went to our favorite candy store in San Francisco which sells all of this amazing taffy! I hate to admit it but Tony and I spend over $15 just on taffy. Do we have a small addiction? Maybe. 

Tony took this on his phone in SF. Love it!

Zoey cuddling her blanket after a long day 

Oakley LOVES laying on the cool tile after he runs around outside 

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