Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nursery Progress

This week we have been trying to decide how her nursery is going to look. I've thought about it for years and always thought it would be so easy and fun to design our little girl's nursery. Well, ITS.HARD. I have gone back and forth so much with this girl's room, its kind of ridiculous! We finally decided though and while I'm not completely in love with it, I think its going to be very cute! We decided to go with Pottery Barn's Lahaina collection. It actually has some sentimental value. The beachy theme really reminds us of Palm Beach, where we spent our college years and had some of the best times of our lives. We will always hold Florida dear to our hearts so this is a great reminder of all the fun times we had there and our amazing incredible friends from FL. (YES, a bedding collection DOES remind us of all our great college memories! Amazing right? :) Also, just the name "Lahaina" holds some pretty awesome memories. We vacationed their last spring break and it was incredible. Definitely our favorite vacation spot. Anyways! Here is what it looks like...

So now the really hard part is decided what color to paint the room! I think a pale yellow would be cute, but Tony is really against yellow for some reason. We both agree on a light pink color though so we went to Home Depot today and narrowed it down to 4 pinks. It was very stressful actually, if you can believe that, and we had to remind ourselves there are worse problems than not being able to decide what shade of pink to paint our baby's room. Anyways, we got samples and painted them on the nursery walls and they are SO similar! Lol. And now we are both worried its going to be pink-overkill, but we just don't know any other color that would go. The furniture is all white so that will break it up a bit. I am determined to make this room as cute as possible! Tony and his dad might paint this weekend so I will definitely post an update if we do! 

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  1. You definitely made it cute! And the pink is PERFECT!