Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Trip to Labor and Delivery

SO where do I start... Starting on Wednesday and going until Friday, I hardly felt any movement from baby girl. Usually she is pretty active so going 3 days without barely any activity freaked me out. Friday night around 9:30 I was so stressed I decided to call the advice nurse in L&D to ask if this was normal or if I should be worried at all. She said it was probably fine since before 28 weeks, their movements can't be that predictable but to come in anyways for peace of mind. So we drove to the hospital around 10pm, were checked in and in a room within 15 minutes. As soon as they strapped the monitors onto my belly, we heard her beautiful heartbeat and she started kicking the monitors like crazy. Its funny because you can hear it whenever she kicks them like a loud bang. The nurse was laughing because it was obvious baby girl did not like these monitors. Then they did a non-stress test where I'm hooked up to the monitor for about 15-20 minutes and baby passed with flying colors. They said her heart rate did exactly what they wanted it to - a combo of accelerations and decels at the right times (I have no idea...) Then the doctor (a resident who looked about our age) came in and did an ultrasound. I'm not kidding, this was the best service ever! I'm so thankful for a hospital that is so on top of things. Anyways, the ultrasound was really quick but at least we got to see baby again! She looks so much bigger. And of course, as soon as the probe hit my belly and her picture was on the screen, her little hand flew up to her face like she always does. Its like she is saying not this again. So cute. The doctor said she looks great and my fluid levels were great too. I'm so glad we went and baby girl has been on the move since then. When we left, both the doctor and the nurses said they were glad we came in and to come back any time we feel something isn't right...I was thinking are you sure you want to tell me that? I will literally come in every night if I can! When we left I told this to Tony and he said he was thinking the same thing. About me of course; he is very go-with-the-flow where I worry about every little detail. We complement each other pretty well :)

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