Monday, April 9, 2012

Sick. Boo

Tony had the flu a couple of weeks ago and I was just starting to think I somehow avoided it. Nooope. Last night I woke up feeling really achy and freezing. This morning I was way more achy with a scratchy throat and mild fever of 99.7. Getting sick over spring break is bittersweet...on one hand I don't have to call in sick to the new job, but on the other hand there was so much I was planning on getting done over break! Like painting the nursery. Oh well, I guess it will have to wait. We have lots of time anyways :)

We did get the results of the anatomy scan today, but it was a hassle! They told me they would call Monday (today) morning and by the time 4pm rolls around, still no call. I called and had to go through a bunch of people and phone calls back before the midwife finally called around 5:45. She explained the only abnormal thing they found was the 2-vessel cord (duh, we knew that but they seemed to have forgotten). Otherwise I'm happy to report everything else was perfectly normal! They said her heart looked great, her stomach and kidneys looked great, good level of amniotic fluid and the placenta was in the right position in the back of my uterus. I'm so happy it all went ok.

We had a great weekend celebrating Easter with our family. Here are some pictures from the holiday

The next pictures are of some of the cutest boys ever Aiden and Austin. They belong to Tony's cousin Kim so technically they are our second cousins but honestly I just refer to them as our nephews! Look at just how cute they are

After spending time with Tony's family, we went to my moms and had another Easter dinner. Here is us dying some eggs with our niece Angelina

Since my day today was spend on the couch, I had some very cute nap partners

Ok now I am off to couch and TV time again. Have a good week everyone!

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