Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keeping the faith

So I was worried about my lack of symptoms so I made a call in to Kaiser and got an ultrasound for the same day. Baby had grown a lot and just looked so stinkin cute. I am a little worried because the baby was measuring 1-2 days behind and a heart rate of 154. I know the heart rate is ok for this "age" but it had only got up 14 beats since last time. With the combination of that and measuring a little behind, yes I am nervous BUT I am choosing to trust the Lord with this one. There is nothing I can do at this point either way.

I had my prenatal intake appointment with the clerk which was just a bunch of paperwork and bloodwork. Nothing too exciting except we scheduled our first appointment with the midwife for this Friday! I am so excited to start these appointments and especially to see our little one on the screen again. I'm praying the baby is caught up in growth (I will be 9 weeks) and for his/her heartrate to have gone up!

Also, I heard that urine pH can "determine" gender before 9 weeks. At my appointment with the prenatal clerk it was 6.5. The range is 4-6=Girl. 7-9=Boy. Where the heck does that leave me?? Lol..

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