Sunday, January 22, 2012

A change in plans...

Well this started out as an adoption blog, but its actually going to turn out to be a PREGNANCY BLOG! That's right...God had a bigger plan for us than we ever could have dreamed of. Here's how it all went down...after our first IVF failed, we bought a package from a different IVF clinic which included 3 ivf transfers and you get all of your money back if none work. We had done the first two with only one chemical pregnancy to show for it. We literally had no hope for the third and final cycle which is why we were already moving on to adoption. We didn't even really want to do the last one because "we knew it wouldn't work." But did it anyways in order to get our money back to put towards the adoption. They transferred in two embryos on Dec 14, 2011. I took a home pregnancy test on the 19th thinking it was way too early to be positive even if it did work. Amazingly, it was positive. Faint, but there. We were happy but we had been through this before with our chemical pregnancy (we got positive home tests that started to get fainter and fainter every day). To our shock (and delight!) the line kept getting darker every day. Our first beta number was Dec 23 and it was 162. Four days later it went up to 1140. We had our first ultrasound on Jan 13th and found one healthy perfect little baby! His/her heart rate was at 140bpm and measuring two days ahead. (7w2d) We couldn't be any happier. It just shows us how amazing our God is and how we can make plans all we want, but He has a plan the whole time. Far better than anything we could have ever imagined or hoped for.

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