Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Almost 12 weeks!

So here is my excuse for not posting for a few weeks...I haven't told anyone about my blog yet! I started it as a journal-type so I can remember everything about this pregnancy without the intention of ever telling anyone about it. But I decided now I want to share this journey we are on! So here goes...I last left with being unsure about how my 9 week appointment (first OB appt) would go because the baby was measuring behind and I thought the heartbeat was too low. Turns out I had nothing to worry about! Baby was measuring perfect although he/she kept her back to us the whole time and wouldn't turn around and the heartbeat was 176-185. Perfect! I ordered a home doppler so I can listen to the heartbeat whenever I want. SO so worth it. Anytime I have any doubts about this pregnancy I whip it out and listen to my new favorite sound in the world.
On Sunday I was having some brown spotting so I sent an email to my midwife to mention it. I wasn't really worried because i had read that that's pretty normal in pregnancy. But they called me on monday to come in for an ultrasound just to be sure. Baby was perfect measuring a day ahead at 11weeks and 4 days. He/she was even moving around a bit. I did have to get the Rhogam shot because my blood type is O-negative. Anytime there is a chance the baby's blood could mix with mine, I have to get that shot. Also it will be given automatically around 28 weeks and after birth.
Let's see what else....I am so close to 12 weeks! That means no more progesterone shots, no more estrogen patches, and no more estrogen pills. I also stopped the baby aspirin yesterday after Dr. Lovely (IVF doc) and my midwife, AND the doctor who saw me for that quickie ultrasound all said it was ok to stop. Hope they are right! I am 11w5d today and take the last doses of everything tomorrow! I'm excited to finally be a normal pregnant person. We have our NT scan on the 22nd of this month. That's the scan they do combined with bloodwork to test for Down Syndrome and other Trisomies. To be honest we really just want the ultrasound because the midwife told me they like to tell you the gender at that scan! Here are the ultrasound pics from the quickie ultrasound on monday..

Tony and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night by going to Fenton's which was the BEST dinner ever. Crab sandwiches and onion rings and a huge sundae to share. He also got me roses and tulips for V-day :)

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