Monday, August 27, 2012

The First Week

 Really, all this girl did the first week home was sleep! We had to wake her up for all of her feedings, night and day. She had lost about 8% of her birth weight by the time we were discharged to go home. She went from 6lbs 4oz at birth to 5lb 11oz when we left the hospital, hence the strict feeding schedule.  We also had to supplement with formula while we waited for my milk to come in. Happy to say this girl is now exclusively breastfed with the exception of one bottle of pumped breast milk a day so we can give her the vitamin D supplement (Note: all breastfed babies should be on a once a day vitamin D supplement, says our pediatrician). She is now past her birth weight! We had her weighed last Thursday and she was a whopping 6 lb 10 oz! So proud of us.

So do we still have to wake her up for feeds? No, our pediatrician says we can let her sleep at night. Does she sleep at night now? No. She wakes up about 3 times during the night, is fed and changed, then has to be rocked back completely to sleep before we put her back to bed. If she is even slightly awake when we put her back, she screams and we need to start the whole rock back to sleep process over again. And now Tony is back to work as of today so I'm on my own at night. As rough as the nights are, our days with her are wonderful. We have so much fun with her. She loves her bouncy chair and sometimes her floor gym. She loves music and going out. We have been going out everyday for hours and she just sleeps the whole time (maybe that's why she's not sleeping at night...hmmm). She and I have our breastfeeding support group on Wednesday mornings, which we LOVE. It's drop-in, usually about 20 women, and ran by two lactation consultants. We all have a chance to talk about the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding and ask questions. The LC's can also look to make sure your baby is latching properly. Everyone breastfeeds there...I have never seen so many boobs in my life. Haha. Seriously though. It's awesome! Then on Thursdays, we are doing a 5-week group for 0-4 month olds. Its 9 mommies and our babies. 8 girl babies and only 1 boy! Lucky little boy! It's a great group of girls and lots of fun to talk about our babies.

I am going to do another post with pictures from the second week til now (because for some reason its only letting post a limited amount of pictures per post), then Ken and I are off to Target! Enjoy this sweet little face!

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